View Full Version : Nforce2 Reset

04.08.2006, 04:00
soooooo i had the infamous Nforce2 driver issue. Not much be said about it online so i figured i'd post the fix that worked for me.

Mwarhead's Nforce Reset for Win2k &

this issue also happens with Alcohol 120, where after installing virtual drives your system will give you either a 1450 or just " insufficient system ressources ". hell it wouldn't even open a miniport for me anymore. Other posts have made mention that it is just the SW ide driver doing the damage and that choosing not to install it avoids the issue.

i did not run driver cleaner however, just the reset and re-installed without the sw driver. everything works spiffy, daemon's happily mounting(heh) cds and nothing seems affected. sorry if it's already been posted , nothing much came up when i searched.