View Full Version : Alpha Rom Question

15.09.2003, 07:41
the other day i obtain a Bin/cue file of japanese game and i try make a backup but the backups alway result in "invalid cd" Cdr, next i try run the image file in daemon and alcohol virtual drives but the same thing happen anyone plz know how bypass that damn protection ?

15.09.2003, 13:31
What app did you use to make backup?

15.09.2003, 18:47
alcohol 120 and clone cd, maybe i dont configure correctly the software or i need some special hardware?

15.09.2003, 20:13
Alpha rom is not very common. I suspect it probably has blacklisted most virtual drive software and emulations. You're best bet is to try copying using the securom new 4.x datatype. If you have a plextor premium, you can backing up the game with blindwrite.

11.11.2003, 05:41
Some Japanese website state that Alpha-ROM is a kind of protections requires both weak sectors and twin peaks technique. Someone has made a perfect copy using a software called "CD Manipulator". The image file can only be mount correctly using Alcohol but not in daemon tools.