View Full Version : "insert CD" err msg when viewing NRG files

04.08.2006, 16:43
Hello - there was a previous post about this but he didn't post the fix... so apologies for being a doofus noob

I've installed Daemon ok and alt-click the icon > Virtual CD/DVD Rom > E: No Media > Mount > and navigate to where I've got the NRG file on my c drive... only problem is "the" NRG file is split into 2 NRG files and so it seems to run the 1st NRG file ok, I get the app up on screen asking me to install the software, so I install then it asks me to insert the 2nd CD into drive E... here I get stuck as I can only choose to work with 1 NRG file at a time. How do I get it to look on the C drive, or D or whatever, for the other NRG file that makes up the whole thing?

cheers, Donny