View Full Version : Nero problem, canґt mount NRG-file with D-tool

15.09.2003, 13:44
Operating System: winXP
Burning Software: Nero Deluxe
Anti-virus Software: Norton Pro 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

hi folks !

I got an nrg-file from a friend.
I could mount it with d-tool.

Then I tried create an nrg-file myself with

But I canґt mount it.

What am I doing wrong ?



15.09.2003, 14:03
Are you mounting an nrg file (vs nra, etc...)? What error do you receive?

15.09.2003, 14:19
Do you have Nero Image Drive installed?

15.09.2003, 14:34
Yes I mounting an NRG-file (image).

Yes I have Nero Virtuel CD installed.
U must have it to make NRG-files.

I can mount my friends NRG-files but no my own.

Does it exist different NRG-files dependent on which Nero-version U have ?

I canґt find any preferences in Nero either where I can
change to ISO-standard or other...

15.09.2003, 14:39
Are you mounting an nrg file (vs nra, etc...)? What error do you receive?

"Canґt read disc, disc can be damage or use a format that is not
compatible with windows"

Iґve tried to burn the nrg-file with Nero and it works great.

Then I made a new image from CD with CloneCD.
And that new image I can mount.

Why canґt I mount Nero nrg-file ?

15.09.2003, 18:31
Can you mount it with Nero Imagedrive?

15.09.2003, 21:52
Can you mount it with Nero Imagedrive?

Yes offcoarse, itґs a nrg-file.

What differense does it make ?

My Q 2 U was, why canґt I mount it with d-tool ?


15.09.2003, 22:16
No idea. Maybe bug in Daemon. Hope next version helps.

16.09.2003, 06:07
Operating System: Win XP SP1
Burning Software: you name it
Anti-virus Software: Symantec Antivirus 8 Corporate
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

I could not load .nrg until Imagedrive is installed - interestingly enough, though, with nero 6, I have Imagedrive installed, but have both virtual drives disabled - and yet D-tools loads the .nrg images fine.

16.09.2003, 14:31
If Imagedrive (its driver) is not present in system then NRG will be mounted as usual ISO.
Latest version of Daemon will not have this limitation.