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05.08.2006, 17:57
Hello All,
Been lurking off and on for about a year and enjoying the wealth of info on the site. Finally decided to start using Daemon Tools and become part of it. At the moment (last 3 days) I'm having a bit of trouble with my son's computer Specs are below. I have created images using Nero V6 (latest Updates), Alcohol 120% (Trial), WinImage and a few others. Success rate using all of these to create the image is 100%. Now for the problem. When image is opened with Daemon Tools and installed everything works for the installation. After the install I test the game on both my account (Admin) and my son's (LUA) the game works fine and does not ask to insert CD. Next I create a script using Daemon script and do the usual mount, run app, unmount. The game starts, image is mounted then immediately gets unmounted. I know the image is getting mounted as I have explorer running behind and can actually see the image coming into the Virt. Drive. I have tried the delay, and wait commands as well with no luck. I don't believe this woud be a copy protection type problem or else the game wouldn't run properly with just Daemon Tools. So for all you DT-GURU's out there, could you offer some advice?? I am not afraid of software or hardware as being in the semiconductor manufacturing field as my job I deal with software hardware wars all the time. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, couldn't find one dealing with 3rd party addons. I have searched but can't find anything on this issue.:confused:


CPU: AMD 900 Mhz

Ram: 512Meg

Mobo: Abit KT7

Video: Abit MX440 SE

CD: LiteOn 52X


Daemon Tools set as first drive

06.08.2006, 06:54
I think CureROM supports mounting and unmounting, you could try that. Instead of scripts it calls the stuff it does "profiles". It's mainly an anti-blacklisting tool but has those additional features.

06.08.2006, 15:31
Daemon script doesn't work correctly when adding unmount at the end.I had the same problem.Just do not give daemon script to unmount the image.