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covenent elite
05.08.2006, 17:58
I just recently ran out of the trial for windows xp x64 edition and so i go to install the official version, and it stops because of dtscsi.sys. So i leave it alone for a day then i retry, same thing, so then i just hit repair in the windows installer and tada, windows xp is fixed. there is a problem though. daemon tools got deleted and now i cant re-install, and ive manually deleted it. when i go to re-install, it starts normally but then after the warnibg about the stpd drivers, it says you must reboot, instillation will continue after reboot. I reboot but the same problem appears, even in safemode.

05.08.2006, 21:18
Performing a windows repair from the install CD always destroys DAEMON Tools installations and reinstallation is not possible until the registry is fixed. The program in this post will reset your settings and let you reinstall, look for "Download link".


15.08.2006, 09:04
I have a very similar issue with my install o DTools, but I didn't do a windows recovery.

My Windows locks and auto-reboots with no error message or bluescreen.

I'll try this and post feedback.

15.08.2006, 12:39
Didn't work.

Details of my plight can be found here:

16.08.2006, 10:08
Then please continue the discussion in the other thread you created. Cross posting only results in confusion about what's already been said and what hasn't, and it's a rule violation too, by the way.