View Full Version : Can't install Dtools 4.03 X86, Failed calling CreateFile; GetLast Error = 32.

07.08.2006, 03:52
My friend has intalled Dtools 4.03 X86 in my pc. But I am not informed, so I intalled it again. I choosed the "add/reintall" option instead of "remove" option at beginning. During the installation process, service error came out as follows "Failed calling CreateFile; GetLastError = 32".

I tried to remove the files, but failed. So I deleted the Daemon Tools folder and sptd.sys in "system32/driver" folder. After that, I reboot my pc and reinstall Dtool 4.03 X86, however, the same error occurs.

Can anybody help me fix this problem.
Thank you very much!

07.08.2006, 10:27
Try to disable anti virus during installation.

08.08.2006, 09:47
It works now.