View Full Version : Windows XP freezes after install of latest deamon tools

Rick Vlaming
07.08.2006, 20:58
Before installing I did make a "control-point" in XP. Don't know if this is the right name, I've got the Dutch XP version. However it's the functionality you can use where you can get back to that point, so if the install of something fails you can to back to the point before installing.

I've tried to install the newest deamon with the latets SPTD 1.25 driver. At the end you can start daemon tools right away but then the system freezes. Also after a normal boot the system freezes. The only way to get it running is to delete the sptd-files in the system32 directory.

So I got back to the latest "control-point" and then installed the SPTD 1.25 on forehand via the add-option on the command-line. After a system-reboot I installed daemon-tools. With this install there was no reboot needed but when the deamon tool is started the system freezes again.