View Full Version : "Setting Number of Devices" through Command Line?

17.09.2003, 05:21
Operating System: Windows 2000 Pro
Burning Software: Nero Burn
Anti-virus Software: Norton Anti 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

I coded up a small tool to allow me to "Send To" what ever .BIN/.ISO i select to Daemon Tools for mounting. What Im incapable of doing through code/command line so far are:

* Checking Daemon Tools for what Device is currently being used
* Setting the number of devices

Is there a way to do the above through code or the command line (which I can call thru code)?

Thank you.

17.09.2003, 15:02
Check in help, under command-line options.

18.09.2003, 02:31
Checking device status and setting number of devices via command line is currently not possible - you need to call daemon.dll directly or use some 3rd party scripting tools. Check our site.

20.09.2003, 09:37
Operating System: WinXP
Burning Software: _
Anti-virus Software: _
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

If you only need to change the number of devices, I guess that any of the scripting tools that are built specifically for Daemon Tools will do; but if you need to do certain things directly from the command line you may need to use BTEWin.

BTEWin is mostly like a general purpose command shell, that can execute scripts from a propietary batch file or directly from the command line. To do the last thing, it must be called with the --cmd switch.

For example:

BTEExec --cmd daemondrives 2


BTEExec --cmd daemondrives 2^mount yourimage^yourprogram.exe

^ is the default command separator, that can be changed because it may conflict with certain command shells. Also note certain commands like goto, gosub, and subscripts can't be executed directly from the command line; this is all explained in the documentation.