View Full Version : Dvd/cd trouble

Norman Bates
11.08.2006, 10:57
The problem i have is when i eject a disc from my player, and insert another one the player doesn't seem to "let it go" when i want to explore the new cd all i get is the content of the previous one. The player is a Samsun DVD-rom and i use Win XP

11.08.2006, 11:18
Enable Auto Insert Notification.

11.08.2006, 14:30
Where to find ?

Step by Step plz.

11.08.2006, 16:51

Norman Bates
17.08.2006, 21:28
Thanks for the help enabled it in the register and after that it seems to work, dont know why it changed in the first time , based on what i have read i guess i could have something to do with clone cd, again thanks for the help