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12.08.2006, 19:18
Half a year ago I helped my little brother build his first computer and I installed deamontools for him (canґt remember what version) from an old CDR that i had.

Now he called me today and told me that he had tried to uninstall DT by himself by just deleting the deamontools folders. No uninstall.exe and no uninstall from the control panel. ARrGH!

So now he canґt install the latest version because the old one hasnґt been removed completely.

Help please?

He is thinking about reinstalling windows but i told him it was better to ask at the forum



12.08.2006, 20:18
For manual removal of v3.43 - v3.47 check thread about error 25002:

For manual removal of previous version check these threads:

Reboot after the procedure.

13.08.2006, 15:49
Ok now Iґve found out that itґs version 3.43

however the removal procedure from your link did not work as expected, thanks anyway though!:)

We started from step 3 in the instruction;
Deleted the correct files in system32/drivers/
"d343bus.sys" and "d343port.sys"

Then step 4;
We deleted the registry FOLDERS d343bus and d343port
Is a registry key the same as a registry folder?

step 5;

step 6;
This is were we failed. The device 'PnP BIOS Extension' was marked with a yellow mark but when trying to delete it the system did not respond. We had to force the window to shut ("End now"-button).

My brother then tried to install deamon 4.0 but it failed.

Any suggestions?

thanks alot


13.08.2006, 16:22
Seems there was some anti-blacklisting tool in use which changed some registry permissions. You've to undo those changes done to the registry permissions.
Regarding PnP BIOS Extension check e.g. this thread:

13.08.2006, 18:09
Ok removing the yellow marked device worked after deleting the following keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\R oot\SYSTEM\0002\

hardwareID root/d434bus
service d434bus


He still canґt install deamon 4.0;

1. another deamon tools version is detected
2. Options for updating and uninstalling are presented
3. clicking either option gives the same result; two error boxes.

windows installer error box;
the windows installer service could not be accessed this can occur if you are running windows in safe mode or if windows installer is not correctly installed

click OK!

deamon tools 4.00 error box;
setup was unable to remove older version of deamon tools

Seems there was some anti-blacklisting tool in use which changed some registry permissions. You've to undo those changes done to the registry permissions.

Ok! How do I do this? Iґm not very experienced with the registry unfortunatly. Exactly what do I have to do?

the d343bus and port folders are deleted so I canґt change permissions for them

are there other deamon stuff in the registry that I have to delete?

Thanks again

14.08.2006, 10:40
If you were able to delete those registry entries, it should be ok then.
Please do NOT use v4.00 anymore, install v4.03 - it contains important bug fixes.
You did reboot after the manual removal procedure, BEFORE installing v4.0x?

14.08.2006, 11:07
He did not reboot initially, he tried installing one time without rebooting and then when it didnґt work I told him to reboot but still nothing...

so then there is not much to do

Would trying the same procedure from the Administrator account be of any help or waste of time do you think?

Anyway, thank you for your time, I appreciate it

14.08.2006, 12:02
afaik u must have admin priviledges to edit the registry and also to install new programmes...

so yes i would try it with the admin acc!

16.08.2006, 18:20
well no luck...

at least on the good side, I think my brother has learned something about how to not uninstall programs

thanks to Copytrooper and Loodos