View Full Version : SCSI Driver installed, and my HDD fails...

14.08.2006, 20:07
Hey, I tried installing Deamon Tools 4.0.3, and when I install that sptd driver before installing the actual setup runs, my HDD just stops working, windows sees it, but its empty. It says I have to format it, it happened with my old mobo and drivers, and I just did a clean install of windows, and as soon as I installed the sptd driver, my HDD just stopped working. I just have a standard 120 maxtor drive, does anyone have any suggestions?

EDIT2: When I try to open the drive, it asks me to format, and the drive 'scratches' in a weird way, like it only does half a circle or something. It works perfect on other computers, even this one before i installed sptd driver.

15.08.2006, 06:21
You've definitely got something wierd going on with your computer. Is this an IDE or SATA drive? If SATA, is it the first gen (SATA 150) or is the so-called "SATA2" (SATA 3Gb)? Also, was this a recently downloaded copy? There was the original release of 4.0.3 with the SPTD 1.24 driver, and now there's a new version with the same DTools version number (4.0.3) but with SPTD 1.25 included. If you're not sure, you might try downloading the latest version again to be certain.

15.08.2006, 16:20
My SATA drives work perfectly, the HDD that fails is ATA, also, neither versions make a difference it seems, because after i formatted, i installed the new version of the driver, and same thing happens :(:confused:

16.08.2006, 04:41
What's the specs of your computer and what OS and service pack are you running?

17.08.2006, 15:37
Ok, here goes:

Windows XP Pro SP2 with all Updates
AMD X2 3800+
Gigabyte GA-K8N-Sli
Geforce 7900GT
2Gig Ram

Hard drive that fails : Maxtor 6Y120L0 ATA tried Cable Select, Master, Slave, and all of that, bios as well.

I hope this is of a benefit, and thnx for helping me out :)

18.08.2006, 04:27
Did you install the NForce IDE driver? If so, remove it and revert back to the default MS driver. The Nvidia one isn't the best choice and can sometimes cause problems. If that doesn't fix it, then I've done all I can think to do from this end.