View Full Version : Is there anyway to associate files to daemon tools?

19.09.2003, 07:23
so that say, double clicking a *.cue file or a *.bin automattically mounts the image without having to navigate to the file in question? I have a lot of images and having to use the standard open window from daemon tools gets to be a real chore

19.09.2003, 13:08
In the tools section there is a file that will add Dtools to the context menu so you can right click the .cue, .nrg, etc and mount to your choice of drive letters.

19.09.2003, 14:39
Try awxDTools or Fastmount :mrgreen:

aldo vargas
29.09.2003, 16:30
Also DAEMount allows to mount images double clicking on the image file.