View Full Version : jedi academy probs

19.09.2003, 10:10
Anybody able to figure out SW Jedi Academy yet. What protection used? Also has 2 exe to get past, a launcher file (jediacademy.exe)and product file(jasp.exe). Trying to use Daemon Script.

01.10.2003, 23:24
I have the same problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

02.10.2003, 00:46
Jedi academy 2 uses sd 2.9 (europe) or securom 4.84 (us). As for daemonscript, you can drag a shortcut onto a 'RunApp' location.

03.10.2003, 16:35
Does it work with Daemon Script??

21.10.2003, 16:58
I would like this more detalied..

Atm im about to make a Image of my JK academy.
I have 120% alko, and 341 D-T :)

i would realy like detalis on this :)

I was planing to run it in Alko 120% with datatype "SafeDisc 2" And Safedisc emulation on D-T will this work on multiplayer as well?