View Full Version : WinDBG and SPTD... Any alternatives?

16.08.2006, 03:35
To avoid conflicts with WinDBG, is there any way to avoid using the SPTD.

Would older versions of Daemon be expected to interfere with kernel-mode debuggers as well? If not what is the latest version that should work without confusing the debugger?

16.08.2006, 03:57
For kernel-mode debugging, WinDbg typically requires two computers. Most people's code is user mode and thus you should be able to debug normally.

16.08.2006, 04:43
Since I doubt you leave the kernel debugger attached and running all the time, just disable it when you want to use DTools and don't use DTools when you want to debug. Or, you can just use 3.47 which is the last version without SPTD.