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16.08.2006, 18:04
I hope anyone will answer... when i install Daemon Tools, both physical and virtual DVD unit, don't make the autorun... I tried to uninstall Daemon Tools, but the situation is still the same... can you help me?

16.08.2006, 18:46
Ensure Auto Insert Notification (AIN) is active, and if you want autorun of cds/dvds you also need to have autoplay active. Easiest way is to change related options in e.g. CloneCD options, or TweakUI.
Note that AIN and autoplay are OS features, also note that autoplay won't work without AIN.

16.08.2006, 19:33
Where can i find the AIN option? And the autoplay option? I'm not sure of their location :D Thank you!

19.08.2006, 14:17
To enable it at WInXP see this:

You can find AIN here:

Right-click on the DAEMON Tools trayicon
Select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM
Select Device [?:]
Click Set device parameters

19.08.2006, 15:50
Thank you!!!!!