View Full Version : SPTD.sys issue

19.08.2006, 02:10
My system
Windows XP Pro fresh install all updates (3 times in 5 days)
Asus A32N-SLI
Amd X2 4400+ no optimizer
Nividia 7950
2 gigs OCZ
no burning software
running Symantec Corporate
Office 2003 Corporate

Took awhile to figure out the problem was the SPTD.sys issue.
Installed latest version of Daemon worked fine until I shut it down got a memory dump error followed by problem booting Splash screen hang or no boot even in safe mood.

It would be nice if the Admins or support for Daemon would post a sticky letting us know the details. Does it only apply to dual cores does it also happen with 3.47? I can see a MS patch that raised hell with this program and ach 120 (they are popular with certain groups), but there are several legit uses. How about it support give us a sticky telling us where to head. :)

19.08.2006, 19:01
Well, I'm running a dual-core with Alcohol 120 (which is effectively the same virtual device driver) without issue, so it's definitely not that. As for v3.47, SPTD was not included in that version. Version 4.00 was the first to include SPTD. Finally the patch from MS you referred to affected the x64 version of XP, but is no longer an issue with the latest SPTD release which is included in the most recent downloads of Alcohol and DTools.

20.08.2006, 10:23
Well, if you've a minidump send it to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread for analysis.