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22.08.2006, 19:10
I created and loaded an image from a language disk for Rosetta Stone into Daemon-Tools. It accepts the image. But the disk name doesn't show up on the drive it is installed in and when I select the drive Daemon-tools loaded it to, I get a windows error message claiming the disk isn't formatted and windows can't read from the disk, it might be corrupted, or it could be using a format not compatible with windows.

Any ideas? I didn't know what to search for to see if anyone else has ran into this.


23.08.2006, 11:10
Maybe your image is broken. Try to create a new one with ALcohol 120%.
Did you try to mount other images?

23.08.2006, 15:31
I did re-create the images using DiscJuggler (.cdi). Those loaded and operated correctly. Could have been bad images, but seemed funny that I extracted them from CDs that worked but they wouldn't when loaded as ISOs into Daemon-Tools.

24.08.2006, 09:56
I think that DAEMON Tools 4.03 cannot read older discjuggler formats Are you using the latest version of discjuggler?

24.08.2006, 12:22
Try to create a mds/mdf image with ALcohol 120% (www.alcohol-software.com <-trial).
You can also scan the protection of the cd with ProtectionID or A-Ray Scanner. Then choose the correspendig profile at Alcohol's Image Making Wizard. Then you'll have the pefect image which should be mountable at DT.

25.12.2013, 06:06
a virus attacks your PC, or just a power failure happens, which all may cause such problem like the disk is not formatted (http://www.easeus.com/resource/disk-not-formatted.htm). at this time, you should NOT press the yes button when it ask you to format or not.