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28.11.2002, 22:52
PLEASE HELP ME!!!! :)............have made image files both iso and bin.
Using daemon-toos i can mount the images and install the games....once done when trying to play the game it says wrong cd please insert the correct one (or words to this effect) .......have read all the other posts and tryed moving the cd letter to the lowest one ..i have even disabled the cd rom drives on my computer so there is only one made by daemon-tools.
please help me
Thanx in advance
:x :(

28.11.2002, 23:25
Tell us the games you made images from, the program and settings you used to create the images ...

29.11.2002, 00:07
lord of the rings and no one liver forever2
dont know the setting a m8 did the images for me.

29.11.2002, 08:54
Then we canÒ‘t help you as this games are both copy protected and the software and settings used are very important.

29.11.2002, 12:09
Topic moved - wrong forum!

Read the infos on our main page - both progs use new securom!