View Full Version : Intialization Error (kernel debugger)

25.08.2006, 04:57
Yea, this problem seems pretty common but I can't find a solution. I ran the repair off my XP boot disk and now I get the kernel debugger error.

I had DT before the repair. I still have the program on my comp but when I try to uninstall it says: Setup is unable to validate installation.

Then if I try to reinstall from the website but i get two messages. One that reads: This program will install SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD) layer on your computer. WARNING - SPTD is not compatible with kernel mode debuggers (SoftICE, WinDBG ect.)! Please cancel setup if you plan to use kernel debugger on this machine.

I hit OK, and I get another message: Failed to open config key.

25.08.2006, 17:19
This fixed it:


Steps 2-3.


27.08.2006, 17:29
I had this exact problem after formatting my hard drive. I had installed Daemon tools before finishing all of my windows updates.

When I booted up I got the Kernel debugger error message and could also not uninstall Daemon,so came here to look at the forums.

After reading all the posts it looked like a lot of hard work so I just tried downloading and installing Daemon again over what was already on my hard drive and it works fine now.

Worked for me hope it works for you :)