View Full Version : 1 device set but no drive shows

25.08.2006, 05:29
I'm using a Sony SZ, brand new, and installed Daemons.

In the Device Manager it shows that I have 2 cd drives. It's called something really long: ZM5955L NMF782N SCSI CdRom Device.

This isn't the first time using daemons. It has worked on my Toshiba laptop and Dell desktop. I dont know if it has to do with it being installed on a Sony, or what?

Thanks. I can really use the help. Classes start in 3 days..

25.08.2006, 10:20
Checked this yet?

25.08.2006, 16:29
Thank you SO very much. I first went through the forums and I actually did see that, but just the title and didnt think it was it mainly because of the last part "virtual drives disappear".
Since no drives ever appeared, it couldnt have been that they Disappeared.
But anyways Im glad you were able to help me solve this problem