View Full Version : Trouble using virtual cdrom

23.09.2003, 19:53
i have a nrg image imulated to drive D, when i try to open it windows gives me this message : "Windows cannot read fromt his disc. The disc might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows" . why does it do this and how can i fix it?

23.09.2003, 20:28
Do you have Nero Image Drive installed?

23.09.2003, 20:48
im really new at this. so im not sure what that is, all i did was right click on the icon for damon manager and go to virtual cdrom>e>mount image and i selected the nrg file, am i missing steps?

23.09.2003, 20:55
Current Daemon Tools version is able to mount Nero nrg-images only if Nero Image Drive is installed due to limited permission by ahead.

23.09.2003, 21:18
how do i install Nero Image Drive?

23.09.2003, 21:53
Click on the icon in Nero program group.