View Full Version : DT 4.0.3 and HP nx6325 possible some kind of bug

29.08.2006, 05:48

Just installed clean XP Home Sp2 on my new HP nx6325 (AMD Turion 64 X2) with only HP network drivers and after that DT 4.0.3. After install, when I started DT new DT drive letter was assigned to E: So I changed it to V: through XP disk manager interface. After reboot this letter reverted back to E: I tried to change drive letter through DT interface and after restart drive letter is E: again!!! What is going on? Is it some kind of DT bug? I have only clean XP home sp2 system with only HP network drivers. When I change drive letter of integrated DVD-RW device, all changes works and after reboot. Help. When I started to roubleshoot I noticed that this starts to happen right after I install Bluetooth software:/