View Full Version : Daemon will not setup new drive letters

24.09.2003, 05:29
Operating System: xp pro
Burning Software: nero 5.9
Anti-virus Software: norton 2003 pro
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.3

Here's what happens, I install daemon tool and it seems to install no problem. then after I re-boot I go and mount a bin or iso file set. and wait for the program to start. when it won't I open Explorer and see that there is no new virtual CD drive that daemon tools was suppose to install. so I go to hardware devices and I see that there are no new SCSI virtual drives listed there either. So then I go to unmount the file set I mounted on daemon, and it won't let me do it saying it is locked. At that point all I can do is uninstall daemon. Any Idea why this is happening? I had daemon tools up and runnig just about a week or 2 ago and it was running fine. I haven't done anything different to my PC, at least nothing I know of, and I don't have any viruses on this thing. Please help I have gotten use to not having to put my CD's in the real CD drive and I need daemon back!

24.09.2003, 06:49
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