View Full Version : safedisk 2.8 emulation plz :D

29.11.2002, 03:53
ya there is already a safe disk 2.80.010 out and i need it :)

so if you think you could include this in your next version of daeomn tools that would be great, or the latest safedisk version around, + the latest version of securom and lazerlok too :)

29.11.2002, 05:50
One of beta members has already reported this version (found in Battlefield 1942 patch). What exactly is the problem? You should be able to still make an image that runs fine with d-tools. What prog are you using to make an image?

Also, you should not have to use any emulations if you make a correct image using a program such as Alcohol 120% or ********2.

29.11.2002, 12:06
Latest Securom works, too. Laserlock is worked on!