View Full Version : Is it possible for any live support?

03.09.2006, 11:44
by chat surely, is it possible...i know its time consuming and costs money, but i see alot of problems on a daily basis...possible?

03.09.2006, 14:12
Buy the Tool and you will get Livetime support. After rls of DT Pro the chances for livetime support are nearly by Zero.

03.09.2006, 19:32
There was an unoffical IRC channel for Daemon Tools. do a search, you'll prolly find it.

03.09.2006, 20:45
ATM, the channel is not occupied.

03.09.2006, 23:12
And the Lifetime support isnt available anymore, see the Newspage for further Information.

04.09.2006, 00:47
hmm new users was emphasised there, so perhaps (guessing) the license for old users (ie: ones who purchased dt before that notice appeared) may get lifetime updates or whatever..

i think we need locutus or some of the others on the team to really clarify that matter...

04.09.2006, 07:29
Why, there is no need. Old DT Customers still have lifetime support and everbody who purchases now a license for DT or DT Pro will get atleast 1 year support for theyre product.

04.09.2006, 15:30
Is there a new life-time support coming perhaps? Maybe for a larger amount of money? Because I would like to see new life-time-support registrations...

22.09.2006, 21:43
hmm, the thread-starter seemed to abuse drugs very frequently, he send to us a mad posting where we all are
assholes etc etc, because his post never showed up

(yes, we talk about the first post above!!!), the guy insulted
us all because he was unable to find his OWN post :D:D

I close this shit therefore