View Full Version : Couple of problems

25.09.2003, 16:08
I have just recieved a copy of Splinter Cell. Whenever I try to mount the image is says "image is locked". Then I notice the virtual drive doesn't have a letter nor does it show up in My Computer. I go to the area to assign a letter (F) and a region (1) and click ok. But it doesn't take!!!! It is still without letter or region.

I noticed while doing this that the box labeled "revision" is black. What do I type in there?

25.09.2003, 18:00
Try disabling all drives, then re-enabling them.

25.09.2003, 18:07
I did that, I still can't assign the drive a letter for some reason.

25.09.2003, 18:17
The reason for that is that Windows either installed wrong drivers for virtual CDROM (check Device Manager) or you have some other software running whose driver prevents proper autodetection of virtual drive by Windows.