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Tim Winders
07.09.2006, 20:10
I am attempting to install DAEMON Tools 4.03HE on a Windows XP SP2 system. I started the installation from a USB key. I ran the setup program and was prompted to reboot. I rebooted and my system attempted to boot from the USB adapter, which it couldn't do. So, I removed the USB key and Windows booted. DAEMON Tools did not appear to be installed. It does not show up in Add/Remove Programs and the driver does not appear in the Device Manager.

So, I tried to run the setup program again. This time, I get an "Internet setup error. Contact support." messsage and setup does not continue.

How can I resolve this problem to get DAEMON Tools installed?

Tim Winders
07.09.2006, 21:11
replying to my own thread...

I searched and found the solution to this problem. It was to Run As... the local Administrator. I login to my machine as a Domain user with local admin privs, but that wasn't good enough.

Oddly... I had searched for "internal setup error" before I posted my message and found nothing. so, I posted my message. When my message didn't show up immediately (moderation?) I searched again and found other threads.

07.09.2006, 21:16
When my message didn't show up immediately (moderation?)

Yes, until you reach 20 posts.