View Full Version : Mixed Mode CD games-can't get audio side to work

08.09.2006, 03:28
I have been constantly trying over the past days to get a game that's been made in a Mixed Mode CD(data and audio side on the same disc) to play the music, which is on the audio side. The game's Sega Rally 2, and no matter what I do to the ISO or the setup of the Damon drive, the music refuses to play. Odd thing is that I have other Mixed Mode CD games whose audio sides work no problem. It gets me aggravated:mad: . What am I supposed to do?:confused:

09.09.2006, 02:25
Given that's an older game, try setting Daemon's virtual drives to the lowest drive letter (above your HDD that is). For example, if your optical (CD/DVD) drive is D:, change it to E: and set Daemon Tools to D: and try again. Some older games like that only play their audio tracks when run from the lowest optical drive letter.

09.09.2006, 17:19
:confused: How am I supposed to change my optical drive letters? I have two CD drives, one reader(E), one writer(D). The Damon drive is drive F. How to change my optical and Damon drive's letter?

By the way, I used an even older game(Daytona USA) on my Damon drive, and the music works perfectly. I'm stuck.

10.09.2006, 05:28
Well, I did say "some" older games require that. Try changing your writer to G: and set the virtual drive to D:. If that works, you can consider other options for rearranging the drive letters beyond that. But that will serve for testing purposes.

11.09.2006, 07:17
To change your drive letters, Right-click on "My Computer"
Then choose "Manage"
From theres, go to "Disk Management" in the left pane.
Then Right-Click the Drive whose letter you want changed, and choose to change drive letters and paths, as illustrated here...

http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/830/drivelettersji6.th.jpg (http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/830/drivelettersji6.jpg)

08.10.2006, 16:53
It still doesn't work. Sega Rally 2 is the only game that I have as a Mixed Mode CD that doesn't work. Maybe it's because I edited the music(it's not the arcade version's original music, and I have a second CD image, BIN/CUE(both), with the PC port's music). Any other suggestions? Anyone had experience with Sega Rally 2 on Damon Tools in Windows XP Pro(SP 2)? I need an answer fast! I don't want to trash the BIN/CUE, but I'll have to if I can't get this really frustrating problem fixed soon, and this is one of my favorite games. I may be out of luck.
It was released in 1999 by the way, if you don't know.