View Full Version : Blue screen stop error

10.09.2006, 04:52
Been using daemon tools v3.46 for some time, worked fine, but suddenly it kept having problems. Now window crashes alot onn startup, the same blue screen. Theres some stop error tt says something like 0x000000ea. i dint take down the rest though. It mentioned something abt the device going into infinte loop, and the file ialmrnt.sys, or watever being the problem. I quite a noob on the comp, so im pretty clueless now. I deleted daemon tools but the prob didnt go away. Revert to setting tt worked also didnt work. What to do now?

10.09.2006, 09:27
If you removed Daemon Tools and it didn't help the issue is not caused by Daemon Tools.
How about removing the mentioned file and try again?
Which OS do you use? V3.46 is not supported anymore.

10.09.2006, 10:20
ialmrnt.sys is part of the Intel Graphics Driver, not Daemon Tools!

For information about your stop message, see this Microsoft KB article (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=293078). This error seems to be usually an indicator for a serious hardware problem with your graphics card. Try the steps outlines in the KB article, i.e. updateing your graphics drivers and so on. Maybe removing, cleaning and re-inserting the graphics card into the slot could also help.