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10.09.2006, 15:09

I have installed Daemon and Roxio a the same time and experienced a problem in that the real drive fails to show content. I have uninstalled both Roxio and Daemon and stillI can not see or access any files from the real drive. I hve tried to find a driver to reinstall but as of yet not found one. Using XP sp2.

Please offer a suggestion if you can help


10.09.2006, 19:14
Check related thread in common problems and solutions forum.

10.09.2006, 20:31
This forum is loaded with people having problems reading from their real CD/DVD drives or burning to the very same after installing DT. I have read all threads (that I have been able to find relevant), and cannot find any real solution to this. Maybe it's me, but I have an impression that the DT-gurus who replies to questions from computer-technical illiterates like me, are not taking this serious: fried cables, defect drives, try this, try that.

There are so many people experiencing the same problem, there must be someone who knows what causes this problem, and the proper remedy to fix it?

I have reinstalled my PC, switched IDE-channels, removed different sorts of registry keys, disabled drives, updated drivers - in short: done everything I have found in this forum that looks like a suggestion, but I still can't read DVD content from or burn anything (DVD or CD) to my physical drive.

Did I miss a thread? Could anyone please provide me a link to a solution if there exists such?

I am totally new to forums, so please don't hang me if this is a stupid, rookie question.

Best regards.

10.09.2006, 20:40
Sure we do know where most of these problems come from:
Buggy filter drivers.
Even Microsoft knows that, take a look at the knowledge base article mentioned in this thread:

10.09.2006, 21:17
I have followed every step at Microsoft's page - uninstalled any burning software. I got to Method 1, step 6 and found no REG_MULTI_SZ data type, so I went to Method 2, just to find there were no drives having an exclamation mark in front. I uninstalled my drive anyway, and installed it again.

For the record:
Win XP SP2
Intel P4 3 GHz
No burning SW installed
No emulating SW installed
Drive is Aopen DUW1608/ARR (CD/DCD-RW)

Thanks in advance:)

10.09.2006, 22:25
I wrote "... having problems reading from their real CD/DVD ROMS...". I ment CD/DVD drives.

13.09.2006, 06:07
It is not the same problem you are talking about. I said that the drive fails to show content. That means that the system recognises the drive is there but is unable to read the data of any disc inserted.

13.09.2006, 21:52
Which is exactly my problem too. In my limited world "reading from their real CD/DVD drives" = "fails to show content". Do I put it wrong?

Does anyone have suggestions?

13.09.2006, 23:50
Figured it out now. But a strange coincidence. It is a hardware problem. Got to buy a new drive



14.09.2006, 10:08
Hi simon255!
What was the solution? What was the coincident?