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29.09.2003, 19:12
Operating System: 2000 pro sp 4
Burning Software: -
Anti-virus Software: Norton antivirus 2003 pro
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.23

First I installed D-T 3.33, but i couldn't read the bin files because of some access denied trouble.
So I installed D-T 3.23 and now I can read the files! But! I can't stream them from the network :( So... is there any plugin or anything that only enables network mounting?

29.09.2003, 21:19
What do you mean you can't stream them?

29.09.2003, 21:48
I can't mount an image from the network, the computer reboots. I know this is fixed i 3.33 but then I can't mount an image from my harddrive. so there is somthing i 3.23 that makes it possible for me to mount an image but not to mount it trough the network.

29.09.2003, 23:40
What access denied you mean? What error you get in 3.33 when you mount file?

29.09.2003, 23:49
As i described earlier in this forum:

Access to the specified device, path, or file is denied.

And when i try to open any file on the cd, this message apears:

Z:\"file" is not a vaild win32 application.

I can mount files in 3.23 but i can't mount them over the network

30.09.2003, 01:14
These errors are not related to Daemon directly - you have either corrupt image or (if you say it works with 3.23) some (anti)virus running.
I have no idea yet why it works with 3.23 and fails with 3.33 though.
This needs to be investigated.
For test try to make some small ISO with any program and try to mount it.
Do you have probs? Maybe it is specific to some images only?
Also disable Autoprotect feature in Norton antivirus for test.

30.09.2003, 17:58
wow... suddenly... 3.33 works :D real odd... :D
I uninstalled 3.23 and then i reinstalled 3.33... strange