View Full Version : How do I manually remove it from a hard drive?

15.09.2006, 16:00
Read every sticky concerning the D347Bus.sys safe
mode startup error. I had 3.47 D-Tools.

Now I've installed the hard drive on this computer so
I can access the files. I deleted D347 and the Pny.sys
file, put the drive back into my main computer but
still got that 'press escape to skip loading D347Bus.sys'.

So I reinstalled it to this computer, now what do I have
to do to fix this? Is there a way to get into the windows
on the hard drive's registry and delete something?

Thanks in advance and no I don't know anything about
a dump or starforce. I just want to make my windows
boot from it.

15.09.2006, 16:33
If you still got a message regarding d347bus.sys you obviously did not delete the correct one, i.e. you were on the wrong partition/drive.
Manual removal procedure is mentioned in thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum. Do you mean that thread (sticky)?

15.09.2006, 17:05
1.Are those the only two files needed to be deleted?
2.No changes to it's registry needed also?
3.And prior to this error I had gone to msconfig and
selected from 'boot.ini' > '/Safe boot' and that's
when the error happened. Could that have something
to do with it?

15.09.2006, 17:10
Yes that sticky for 3.47 is the one I read and deleted those two files to no avail. (might be the safeboot I mentioned in above post?)