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01.10.2003, 21:29
Operating System: winxp
Burning Software: nero5.5.10 alcohol1.4.6.711
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.29

nice new site design, last time (long time ago) i visited this site it was darker and feeled more "personal". but hey, it looks more professional now. ;)

ok my question:
i want to backup a dvd the first time.
used dvdshrink to "extract" all the data from original.
now i tried to use this "image" with deamon tools to watch the film (its a laptop so i an easily carry it wherever i want).

i tried to mount the image as virtual-cd/dvd rom but it shows a empty folder.
i used the i-explorer to look into and all i see are 21 VOB IFO and BUP files.

my question is :
-how can i "mount" this data ?
-with what can i extract another kind of image file if this VOB IFO BUP stuff is unusable

did i mentioned this is my first try to backup dvds ? :oops:

01.10.2003, 22:14
If youÒ‘ve WinDVD use the "DVD from folder" option (files have to be in VIDEO_TS folder).

01.10.2003, 23:27
thank you ,
and if i want to burn it so that a dvd player autoplays it i just have to burn this folder ?

02.10.2003, 12:13
If you take a look on an original DVD there is also an empty AUDIO_TS folder - this should be burned also for compatiblity issues.