View Full Version : Copying DVD videos

17.09.2006, 09:50
I searched this forum and couldn't find any help on this so my apologize ahead of time if there has been a thread on this already.

I am wanting to back up my DVD collection so I can watch them when the military sends me off on cruise for 6 months. I'm having problems copying my dvd's in general I'm Using Alcohol 120% and Daemons, I had run the DVD player before ripping, and set up all emulation settings to on in daemon, followed by running Alcohol. I went to play the finnished image to no aval. Any help/suggestions?

17.09.2006, 10:08
Doom9 (http://www.doom9.org/) is a good resource for DVD backup questions.

21.09.2006, 05:03
I just started to back up my DVD's and i am using DVD Shrink3.2 and it is easy to use. It takes about 15min to copy DVD to DVD.