View Full Version : inTEL D975XBX wont boot with SPTD installed

18.09.2006, 01:58
i upgraded to the new intel 975 chip.
i run Deamon tools.if the SPTD driver is installed windows will get to the windows logo but then it will go black then nothing.
if the SPTD driver is removed then no problem.
i also have the mcafee anti virus software that is working well with the new SPTD on my old mother board.

IT seems to coinside with the SATA RAID driver installation, from then on no start up.

If you use safe mode then restart it will load, but after the next boot , it will hang.

No blue screen, no waring just the windows logo then black

19.09.2006, 16:55
Very strange, I also have an Intel D975XBX board with the Intel Matrix RAID and DaemonTools is installed and working perfectly here <shrug>