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18.09.2006, 19:00
I would like to have the "10 characters minimum message length" limitation removed as I see no use in it.

18.09.2006, 19:04
And why you post this in Daemon Tools Suggestions! and not in Daemon-Homepage Suggestions?

I would like this too.

18.09.2006, 19:13
Ups, I just scanned the forum index, read "Suggestions" and thought this is DT-Homepage Suggestions forum.

I guess Locutus now thinks I am a bit scatterbrained (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?p=68311):D

To admin / moderator: Please move this thread to the appropriate forum.

18.09.2006, 20:27
Hehe. You are ;)

18.09.2006, 20:29
Previous post was just a try. It seems I don't have such limitation... Maybe you need a certain post count to get reed of it?

18.09.2006, 20:59
You have it Kinlaadare. You have written 13 characters with space.

19.09.2006, 02:40
I think this limit is to avoid useless postings like 'lol' or only a few smileys. Some people are kinda obsessed by their postcount, and they would post lots of short and meaningless replies, only to get that number up.
Saying something useful in less than 10 characters is quite difficult, I think ;)

19.09.2006, 06:38
you are right reef....but people who really want a high postcount wil always find away.... like "lol.........." if you put dots after it...you get also some characters.....

19.09.2006, 08:33
Oops. You're right. Thought 10 words.

24.10.2006, 15:35
If you can read this you have above average intelligence.

24.10.2006, 17:12
This thread should be closed, only spam is coming now.