View Full Version : Game mounted using daemon tools,games starts but shuts down when loading!!!???

19.09.2006, 11:45
Hello people.I recently got a game; it shuts down at the time of initial loading(after logos)...i have made the image in .nrg format(from nero) from the original disk i bought and used daemon tools virtual drive.the game seems to have safedisk2.7..I have tried this method with lot of other(mostly a lot of newer)games they all worked immediately.By the way i use virtual drive only on laptop and it is compatible with this kind of stuff..could any1 plz advice me??:confused:

19.09.2006, 12:57
What happens if you start from your Original CD/DVD?

19.09.2006, 13:32
the game works with the original cd...but i dont like to carry it around and recently i have given it to my friend;to make it work the disc1 has to be inside the cdrom,is there any solution to this problem or do i have to play to with the disc?

19.09.2006, 16:31
Try using the latest trial version of Alcohol to make your image. Nero isn't really suited to the task.

19.09.2006, 19:30
but other games were working with nero image..??is there any other way to get it to work using nero image or do i have to get alcohol 120?

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19.09.2006, 20:56
Nero cant extract necessary data from the cd to get around with the copy protection. (you can get a trial version of Alcohol 120% at www.alcohol-software.com)

19.09.2006, 23:06
You could always wait for DTools Pro to be finished. No idea when that will be, though.

21.09.2006, 10:06
Thanks Guys for your advice...i had bought nero premium and i want to use it,dont want to buy alcohol 120 yet;anyways i will try out the trial version...could you please inform me if you have a solution in the future for using nero images for such games?...thanks,i appreciate it...

21.09.2006, 10:35
To create images you could try also Alcohol 52% Free Edition.

21.09.2006, 11:34
There is no Alcohol 52% Free Edition. It also requires a license.
Correct me if I am wrong.

21.09.2006, 11:54

21.09.2006, 15:29

i believe you may be wrong ;)