View Full Version : Which CD Burning Software is best...Im soooooo confused..?

02.10.2003, 14:10
Operating System: Win XP Corp Pro, SP1.
Burning Software: Alcohol 120%, Blindwrite Suite, Sony CRX145E burner (not burn proof).
Anti-virus Software: Norton AV 2004 Pro.
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon 3.33

OK guys..I'd like some decent advice here please. I have tried lots of different burning software but simply dont know whats best. I see from the forum that Roxio gets a hard time and that Nero can conflict with Daemon on install (BSOD). Basically Im after a stable platform with no conflicts. Im not the sort of bloke that uses images all the time....I need to do albums and stuff too. Im not a newbie but Im not an expert either...kinda lost in a void somewhere in between.

Welcome some help please peeps...Pros & Cons as well would help.


23.02.2004, 00:02
Well there isnt a best ripping software but Alcohol 120% works very well it can copy just about anything and it could mount images.
I use it and it works fine with me and it supports all kinds of files. :wink:

The Librarian
23.02.2004, 21:36
"Burning software" significate nothing. :(
There is a lot of confusion concerning this false idea of "burning software", especially for the newbies !

What type of "burning software" do you mean ?

1) Copying software ? Want to make backup copies of your CD's ? Yes, use Alcohol or Blindsuite..

2) Creation software ? Want to make end backups of your important files, or downloaded programs, or create your own audio compilations ? Use Nero, avoid Easy CD Creator.

3) CD/RW on-the-fly reading and writing ? Use CD/RW as floppies ? Use InCD, avoid DirectCD

I have a proposition : to forbid here the expression "burning software" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

P.S. to mods: it's saying that my message is "flagged".. don't understand why !

23.02.2004, 21:41
'cause "downloaded" is a term usually related to illegal activities, we do NOT support! So if some users post such crap anyway, they should know why they'll be banned for life :mrgreen:

The Librarian
23.02.2004, 21:46
Ah, ok.. understood ! :wink: