View Full Version : usb mass storage device conflict

02.10.2003, 20:35
Operating System: windows xp
Burning Software: nero 5.0
Anti-virus Software: Mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

At the begining i installed daemon-tools without problems, i could find the cd-rom (e:) and cdrw-rom (d:))
the external dvd-rom using usb(g:) and the virtual cd/dvd from daemon tools. Whem i restarted the pc, my dvd rom was gone, the system (windows xp) couldn't find it. I tried to find the hardware, i renamed the external dvd-rom drive but nothing works. The system shows conflict with the usb mass storage device (used by the external dvd-rom).
Can you help me?

03.10.2003, 05:34
Operating System: Win XP SP1 on P4 2.0 GHz Northwood (512 K L2) with 1.25 GB pc2100 RAM
Burning Software: Nero Ultra 6, CloneCD 4, Roxio DragtoDisc, Alcohol
Anti-virus Software: Symantec Antivirus 8 Corporate
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

Have you tried uninstalling DT and see if the DVD ROM device returns? I think it might be a conflict between the drivers. :evil:

03.10.2003, 17:28
I did it but the message still remain. i have to uninstall the dvd-rom drivers and install the drivers again, so i can use the dvd-rom.
The problem continues whem i install the DT again. i can use any of my cd-rom but when i restar the pc, the dvd-rom is gone.

03.10.2003, 17:30
please deinstall old version 3.33 and reinstall 3.41 instead

04.10.2003, 18:00
i desinstalled the dt 3.33 and installed the new version but the problem still remains.
i installed first the dvd-rom them i installed the dt. I tried installing the dt first and the dvd-rom second and both everything was ok (there wasn't conflict with the device) but i restarted the pc and the conflict with the usb was shown up again. (missing the external dvd rom)

04.10.2003, 19:11
What conflict it refers to? Daemon uses no resources, it cannot conflict with anything. If you have drive letter problem, then assign higher letter for virtual drive.

05.10.2003, 14:36
I did it. i renamed the virtual drive with "X" them i installed the external dvd-rom. Everything was ok until i restarted the pc.

05.10.2003, 22:07
And what? Which device your USB conflicts with? Can you see it in device manager?

11.10.2003, 14:26
the device manager still shows a conflic with the usb mass storage device. maybe xp is the problem or the external dvd rom (or both)
because the dvdrom (and the usb) works good until i installed DT.
Do you know something about that? what can i do?

11.10.2003, 20:30
Conflict may me only between 2 or more devices. Run troubleshooter and check all conflictiing devices.