View Full Version : Autostart does not work (D-Tools 3.41 , XPpro)

03.10.2003, 13:46
Operating System: Windows XP pro SP1
Burning Software: CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: Norton AV 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

Just got and installed D-Tools 3.41 on Win XP pro SP1.

The problem is that the DT interface does not autostart.
I have to manually start the interface from the desktop icon in order to mount/unmount images.
The "autostart" option in the "options" menu is checked but after restart the interface does not start by itself.

Other info:

I have Clonecd installed, but just for making images (my laptop doesn't have a CDR drive).

I always have NAV autoprotect enabled.

03.10.2003, 14:07
When first booting, check in task manager (ctrl+alt+del) for daemon.exe. Also check in registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run, for DAEMON Tools-1033.

03.10.2003, 14:46
It seems to be a winows taskbar problem.
I've checked for the process and for the registry entry and there is everything ok.

I think it's the taskbar which doesn't show me some icons in the tray. I just remarked that the volume control icon it's not present either.
Maybe linked to some icon cacheing ?? If someone has any idea I'm willing to listen for advices.

So, it's not daemon tool's fault, sorry.

Thanks for the help, you have lightning fast user support ! :)

03.10.2003, 15:42

try to right-click on the taskbar, properties: There is a option like "Hide inactive icons" or similar (i only have german XP to compare). Uncheck this option.


03.10.2003, 20:17
I don't use the "hide inactive icons" option and i'm well aware of it, so it's not that the problem. But thanks anyway for the reply.

In the meantime (while my comp was shutdown for some time)
the DT icon magically reappeared by itself when I opened the computer. So most likely it's an icon cache issue.
The volume icon reappeared after I unchecked and checked again the option in the sounds setting, but DT doesn't have a show/hide icon option in order to reset the thing...

THANKS again for the help !

08.10.2003, 09:35
Sadly, after I was glad that everything was back to normal again, my icons disappeared again.
I'v made a search on the subject and the results helped me to solve the problem (hopefully).

I decided to post the solution here hoping that it may help other people with the same problem.

On the following link:

I found the solution:

Missing system tray icon

Some ChoiceMail One users running on XP have reported that the system tray icon does not appear when ChoiceMail One is configured to start automatically when Windows XP boots up.

This problem is apparently caused by some default configuration restrictions in XP. It is not a bug in ChoiceMail.

We did a search and found multiple ways to address this problem. If you go to your favorite search engine and type

XP system tray icons missing

you will get a list of pages with solutions.

We have only tried one such solution which involves changing or adding a registry setting as follows:

For your convenience, we have provided this information in a registry file that you can just download and then double-click to import the information into your registry.

Step 1) Download systray.reg (http://www.digiportal.com/support/choicemail/miscdownloads/systray.reg) and save it on your desktop
Note: if your browser just displays the contents, you will need to right-click on the link above and select Save As...(or equivalent depending on your browser)

Step 2) Double-click on the downloaded file to import it into your registry
Step 3) Click Yes or OK if you are asked whether you want to import the information.

Below is the actual information that will be entered into your registry.

Name: NoTrayItemsDisplay
Value: 0

After I inported the reg file, I reinstalled DT and all icons appeared in tray on the next restart, including the volume icon. (I guess there was needed to refresh the icons somehow)

PS: I hope I'm not breaking any forum rule with this quote.

08.10.2003, 22:18
Me again... :(

The above method failed.
After some time the icons disappeared again, so it seems it was just a coincidence it worked.

In the meantime I found another reference about the problem. It seems it's a new win xp problem that affects some systems.

There are BIG problems with the Windows XP tray even if you are not using the auto-hide functon on XP. It can happen with all programs using the tray.

Notification Area - Icons Disappearing

This happens for most Auto-Logon users. Three methods/workarounds: Log off and Log back on, password protect your account or disable SSDP and uPNP Services.

Automated Edit:

Disable SSDP and uPNP Services (Line 156)

Manual Edit:

Right click My Computer/Manage. Expand Services and Applications then Click on Services. A list of services appears in the right column. Scroll down to the the SSDP and uPnP Service. Right click each, choose properties. Change the text next to "Startup type:" to Disabled.

Or, if you are running XP SP1 uninstall UPnP from Add/Remove Windows Components.

(This tip is from Kelly's corner) http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_n.htm#na