View Full Version : Is there any registry entry that points to daemon.exe

25.09.2006, 18:59
Basically im trying to make a menu for some games of mine so that i can mount them just by clicking a button on my menu. Ii was hoping that there was a reg entry that u use and that i could maybe use that points to the daemon.exe

this way i can just use the reg value instead of having to make my menu search the drives for daemon.exe instead.

Also i doubt its possible but is there anyway to get around that annoying Secure Mount dialog that pops up. or is there anyway i can use the awxdtools.dll to mount the image instead so that i dont get it.

It doesnt bother me that much if its not possible because i highly doubt it is. but it would be nice instead of having to disable it in the tray options.

25.09.2006, 23:22
Hi Scubar,

I don't think there's a reg key that points to daemon.exe
Because then Daemon tools would be too easily detected by copyprotection-programs.