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26.09.2006, 11:40
I cant mount (with latest version of daemon-tools) image from HDDs that are in raid0 on a marvel raid controler.
MY mobo is : ASUS P5WDG2-WS PRO

26.09.2006, 11:48
What happens? Any error message? The images mount ok from other drive, but fail to mount from RAID only?

26.09.2006, 14:37
no error message. its just that the monted image is not accessible. But if I mount(the same image) from hdd on another controler than no problem.
Daemon-tools 3.47 is ok.
ive try daemon-tools 4.03 and it doesnt seem to work either.
sptd/marvel scsi raid conflic?

30.09.2006, 21:39
So is there anyone with my motherboard or same kind of config with a marvel sata raid controler who can confirm problem with daemon-tools v4?

p.s Ive also submitted the problem to marvell and duplex secure. I'll keep evry one inform if I learn something from them.

01.10.2006, 19:47
Having simular problem with my asus board P5WD2-E Premium.

Running Windows XP on a WD 250gb connected to sata, not the raid one.

Then I have a ibm 120gb connected to "Marvell" IDE raid port.

If I try to mount from the ibm drive nothing happends.
I can see on the hd led and hear the drive working, like it was searching for something and when I doubleclick on "My Computer" explorer.exe hangs.

Mounting from the WD drive works!

01.10.2006, 23:15
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
Now is to find the one responsible for this problem. Duplex secure or marvell ?

02.10.2006, 14:18
We are going to get this motherboard and check the problem.
You will be informed.

BTW, is NTFS volume on RAID compressed or encrypted?

02.10.2006, 16:16
No I'M using totally standart NTFS no compression encryption.

05.10.2006, 02:34
Just to inform that i've try windows vista rc1 and the same problem is there. probably because I used the same marvel driver as xp sp2.

28.10.2006, 07:55
Hi just wanted to know if developper as been able to reproduce the isse.

28.10.2006, 10:10
Yes, should be fixed with next version.

28.10.2006, 10:51
ok so its daemon-tools related and not SPDT?
Thanks for the information its apreciated.

01.11.2006, 16:44

I've got a mount problem too: I've got a *.B6T image and everytime I try to mount it an error occurs (Standard Windows error: daemon.exe found a problem and has to be shut down

It should work, because it was recommended to use DT 4.06HE...

Any help solutions?

03.11.2006, 09:06
Just to tell that my problem is fixed with latest SPTD 1.35 release.
Thanks for the DEV support