View Full Version : Major Computer Sluggishness (related to sptd.sys)

27.09.2006, 06:25
okay so im installing something through the virtual drive, and the installation suddenly stops and doesn't go anywhere. i click cancel, but that doesn't work. so then i unmount the disc image and then the computer starts lagging so i press the reset button. little did i know that the lag stayed when the computer started up again. the loading windows xp window took at least 10 minutes and another 10 minutes just to show the login screen. when i go to safe mode the thing loads all the .sys files and SPTD.sys is one of them. that is the single sys file that takes a long time to start up. i tried pressing escape to try and not load that file and then renaming it, but no luck. my computer is going too slow to be even able to rename/delete that file. i've also tried using my windows xp disc for the recovery console but apparently my computer thinks i don't have any hard drives installed.

please help. thanks in advance

27.09.2006, 09:03
Disable SPTD service in registry and report if it helps; check this thread:

27.09.2006, 17:28
SPTD.sys is usually the last in the list, but it doesn't mean it's necessarily the cause of the problem. The last one always displays for a while before it finally finishes loading into Safe Mode.

27.09.2006, 22:12
i tried pressing escape to not load that but it doesnt do anything. then it takes a long time to load. i cant get past it =/

28.09.2006, 13:57
Boot with your Windows cd into recovery console, log on to your Windows installation, change dir (cd) to Windows\System32\Drivers folder, and rename SPTD.SYS, then exit (reboot) and check if it helps.

28.09.2006, 20:06
how do i do that if the drive in question cannot be read by windows? i cannot even format the drive.