View Full Version : Sptd 1.29 Trobleshouting !

30.09.2006, 07:22
I wish to warn about serious failures in work Windows after installation SPTD 1.29 which go in last versions of programs Alcohol 120 and DAEMON Tools
Failures a little and I am not assured that from them I could to notice all, but precisely I know the following:

That after on one personal computer I have established Alcohol 120 and on other DAEMON Tools and соответстено there was a updating from version SPTD 1.25 on SPTD 1.29 there were following failures in work windows and other programs namely:
1 WINDOWS - all windows WINDOWS began to open only in мини the size and changes in position and at a rate of windows are not remembered and next time any window again opens in the middle of a desktop and in мини the size.
2 Program ADinf which serves as an additional component to an antivirus cannot check up HDD on presence of changes for the subsequent check by an antivirus as a result there is a lag of program ADinf.
3 Acronis TrueImage - there was a failure that is when I give a command from under WINDOWS to connect earlier the created image by means of Acronis TrueImage in it occurs restart Windows.

02.10.2006, 13:49
are SPTD1.29 willbe repair

i see on site SPTD1.25 but i dont see 1.28 exist 1.28 ?

03.10.2006, 19:59
1.28 had a serious bug afaik and was pulled almost instantly. You can't get 1.28 from the site.