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02.10.2006, 19:27
Good day,

my computer is freezing since i installer DaemonTools 4.06, now i have reinstalled windows plenty times until i realized why it is doing so, everything works fine i install it, get the warning that the computer have to be rebooted, ok, im rebooting. After that the installer is starting up and is installing everything ( no problems ) DT is working after that too without problems, BUT when i reboot now, then the computer freezes when im in windows. If im starting Windows in safe mode, everything works fine UNTIL i want to start Daemon Tools

my Hardware/OS:

Windows XP Professional x86 Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519
1 sata hdd 320gb von winchester
2 ide dvd brenner (1x plextor, 1x lg)
mobo k8tneo2 series
cpu amd athlon x64 3200+ ( Venice )
graphic msi 6800gt

Thanks in advance!

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04.10.2006, 18:59

I got additional Informations for you:
-when i reboot when a image is mounted the system hangs
.-to fix this problem i moved the image file in save mode
-when i reboot not mounting an image the system doesnt freeze