View Full Version : Daemon closes as I try to mount image

05.10.2006, 05:20
Basically, after I have mounted a few images it will close and disappear as I try to mount the next image to where I have to start it back up. I would go to ->mount image->select new image file, and as I move my cursor towards the image to select it, daemon and the window closes down.

Im running daemon 4.06x86 under XP SP2 with all current patches, using nero

I have had this problem for a while though; on my old Soyo dragon mobo with an Athlon XP and now on my new Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 core2 duo. I think it all started with version 3.47, but not 100% sure.

05.10.2006, 12:17
This is likely a problem caused by a 3rd party shell extension. Try to logoff and log back in (or restart computer).

07.10.2006, 16:49
That doesn't help either.