View Full Version : bin file ?

06.10.2006, 01:59
hi to all

I'm using Daemon v. 4.06

I'm trying to mount a file with bin extension ,
but it seems that bin is not supported . because I get this error

http://www.uploadtemple.com/thumb/1160096910.jpg (http://www.uploadtemple.com/view.php/1160096910.jpg)

is this normal ?


06.10.2006, 09:11
That is a Windows error that seems to suggest that your hard drive is corrupt. Do you have any problems accessing the disc from Windows?

06.10.2006, 11:58
thanks a lot for response

this window appears when I try to access the virtual drive "f"
that the bin file is mounted to .

06.10.2006, 12:38
You should try mounting the accompanying cue file if possible.

06.10.2006, 14:10
Are you sure the file is an image? Not every .bin file is an image. The .bin extension is also used for data files by many programs/games and installers.