View Full Version : MacDrive still failed with DT 4.06

06.10.2006, 12:02
I have the same problem as everyone else that is, MacDrive failed to function when DT 4.03 is active. It won't recognize any Mac partitions even though all MacDrive device drivers are loaded successfully. Of course, the problem disappear when I disable the SPTD service.

When I upgraded to DT 4.06 (by uninstalling the earlier version) I was hoping it would solve the problem. But what a surprise! It's still whacking the MacDrive (mine is v6.1.4) on its eye (making it Mac-blind :) ). How come? I thought DT 4.06 already solved it. And I DID reinstall MacDrive, but no difference.

Now, I still keep my DT 4.06 installed and enable the SPTD service only when neccessary. I hope someone read this.

11.10.2006, 02:02
We cared about removable drives in 4.06 only but nobody reported us exactly that prob was namely with fixed disks.
Duplex Secure assured us this will be fixed in next SPTD version.

Now it should be fixed in SPTD 1.35.