View Full Version : Failed to open config key

06.10.2006, 11:56
My problem is different but may involve something that some people here might have encountered.

I do not use a dell computer, but I get an error when Daemon tries to install SPTD; the error: "Failed to open config key."

It seems there is an SPTD half installed that I can neither reinstall nor uninstall.

This is what I think may have brought about the situation: I had Daemon installed and working, but then for an unrelated reason, had to do an OS repair. After the repair, Daemon was broken (because SPTD was broken, I think) and I can't reinstall it or uninstall it. (It gives me the error every boot that Daemon requires SPTD.)

What can I do to get SPTD working with this "Failed to open config key." error?

06.10.2006, 17:13
Use SPTD Deleter. It was designed for this exact purpose.